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  • 8.30 Registration and refreshments

  • 9.00 Government Welcome Speech & Strategy Presentation

    Research and statistics: – motivations, family views, challenges, health stats for the UAE
    Key data will be presented on girls and ladies sport/physical activity, a summary of where we are now and the strategy from Government for the future.

Hear from two inspirational leaders who have inspired many and helped improve girls and ladies physical activity in their fields.

  • 9.30 Regional Keynote Speech

  • 10.15 International Keynote Speech
    Alison Oliver, Chief Executive Officer, Youth Sports Trust (YST)- an independent charity devoted to changing young people’s lives through sport.

    Alison has worked in sport and education for over 20 years, starting her career as a PE teacher, moving to Director of Sport at the University of Bath and then into YST in 2004 as Director of Sport, MD, rising to CEO in 2015.  Ali has made a huge impact at YST working closely with Chair, Baroness Sue Campbell driving positive change in schools and encouraging young people to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

    She is responsible for leading successful initiatives including the Youth Sport Trust’s Sporting Start, Sporting Chance and Sporting Best strategies, and Girls Active.

  • 11.00 Refreshment Break
    Including speed networking and nutrition games

  • 11.35 Interactive Quiz

    Testing your knowledge on sport and health facts and figures in Abu Dhabi

  • 11.40 Panel Discussion & Q&A
    Abu Dhabi Physical Activity and Health: Insights from the Youth and Business Leaders

    This open panel will bring together insights on physical activity and health from 2 young girls, a PE teacher/Coach, a representative from Department of Health and a sponsor:

    Hearing from young girls living in Abu Dhabi on:

    • Sport/physical education in school
    • Their biggest influences
    • Technology and social media and it’s role in their life
    • The importance placed on a healthy diet and wellbeing

    Hearing from the business leaders:

    • The impact on cost for the Government with rising healthcare bills
    • The benefits of keeping active or playing sport – proven results they are not just physical
    • Should we educate the young girls or the parents?
    • Does Abu Dhabi have enough accessible programmes, events and facilities for girls and ladies to get active and/or play sport in a fun and engaging environment?
    • How can local talented athletes and sportswomen play a role?
    • Recognising women in business of sport and healthy activity
  • 12.30 Open Interactive Group Discussion

    What are the top 3 things we can collectively change to help improve girls and ladies sport, physical education, health and wellbeing?

    The room will be split into 4 discussion groups where collectively we will look at what is achievable to improve and implement over the course of the year with Government support. Are there simple changes we can make in the next 6 months? What one small change can we personally influence in our current role? 

    • Ideas to improve the rising obesity levels in young girls
    • Practical solutions and steps to changing behaviours, a focus on educating parents and/or the next generation?
    • New effective programmes and initiatives to increase physical activity
  • 1.10 Feedback from Interactive Discussion Groups and write up of main action points to take forward

  • 1.20 Closing Remarks from the Moderator

  • 1.30 Lunch & Networking

  • 3.00 Close of ‘Women Leaders in Sport & Health Forum’

What happens after the forum?

Outcomes and recommendations will be made at the end of the forum and shared with attendees and as organisers, we will take forward working groups so there is regular review on the improvements being put into action.